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Take a look at what our customers have to say about us at GI Jane Bootcamp Ltd..

Julie Walker

Hi there, I wanted to do something significant to mark the memory of what would have been my Mum's 80th birthday on the 14th July 2020.

The year before, my Mum had suddenly became unwell and diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. Within 3 months she went to be with Jesus. I decided to rise to the challenge and do a 2 week bootcamp at GI Jane Bootcamp. This was for the purpose of fundraising for an exemplary cause of the Brain Tumour Research Campaign, following the wonderful care my Mum had been given.

When I arrived at GI Jane Bootcamp, I immediately felt at home with a such a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere. I have been to other bootcamps of which I have enjoyed. However, when I went to GI Jane Bootcamp for the first time I immediately recognised it had a "special ingredient" - They take a holistic approach to bootcamp in taking care of the whole person. From my experience and from my observation, every person was treated as an individual and their needs were cared for in such a warm and friendly manor by all the lovely staff, who are always laughing and having fun... was such a tonic!

I have just returned from my 4th bootcamp at GI Jane, yet another amazing week, once again a challenging week with great trainers, delicious food and a fun group! It has certainly been an incredible time and again as before it has helped me to return feeling stronger and able to face the current changes in my life that I am facing.

I was also amazed at my results, 11.8 pounds and 9 inches overall over one week. I must admit I had to look twice at the results! I am already looking forward to my next visit! I would also like to thank Sharon who is the owner of this amazing place, who has made this experience possible together with all the GI Jane team, for always being warm and welcoming, most definitely an outstanding team! Enabling it to be a unique and wonderful life cha


Elaine Pounder

(*Disclaimer see below)

My Week at GI Jane Bootcamp
Living in Hong Kong but needing to hide away somewhere in Europe to spring an 18th birthday surprise on my granddaughter led me to search the Internet for an interesting way for my daughter, Abi and I to spend the time. We could have explored an interesting city or gone to some sun-drenched place to lounge away the days, but when an ad popped up for the GI Jane Bootcamp, I knew instantly that was where I wanted to go!

My twenty-four year old daughter Abi was cool with the idea, so the next step was to call to see if this was a realistic choice for a somewhat overweight 60, almost 61 year old, grandmother with a weak knee and whose exercise routine amounted to only 30 minutes, five days a week for one month! Sharon, the owner, answered my call and assured me that I wouldn't be out of place and that the military trainers would be sensitive to my needs. I was hooked and booked that very day - just two weeks before the camp was to begin!

I think my family thought I was slightly mad; even my daughter who had agreed to go with me had reservations as the programme seemed so intense, but I was excited and raring to go and didn't have any reservations - I really couldn't wait.
Check in day arrived and so too did a moment of questioning my own sanity, but there was no way I was going to back out and the two of us set off for Scuttington Manor in good time, heeding the warning not to be late - a taste of the discipline to come for sure, but the thought of the discipline did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm. I think that deep inside I had a sense that this was going to be just what I needed to get over years of yo-yo dieting and steadily increasing weight gain and declining fitness.

After being shown to our room, we unpacked and then got ready for the first event, being weighed and measured by Sharon. Ne

Elaine Pounder - 16th Jun 2017

Leanne Knowles Testimonial

On the 9th January 2015 I walked through the doors of Scuttington Manor and began my first ever residential Gi Jane Bootcamp. Overweight and with no fitness behind me I was frightened, unhealthy, unfit, lacked confidence and needed help. It was time to make a change & I wasn't going to fail! I soon began meeting the most inspirational women who have become lifelong friends & I became educated on nutrition and exercise.
2 years ago today and I celebrate this anniversary as... it has changed my life! The ongoing support along with my dedication and determination helped me achieve a weight loss of 4.5 stone and a reduction of 4 dress sizes. It feels freaking awesome! Exercise is now a part of my life and I love it.
So to all of you starting your journey, remember it's not easy, you will cry, you will have bad weeks & it will be painful but it will most definitely be worth it. If you want it enough then you CAN achieve anything. You've just got to believe in yourself. Thank you again to all the amazing trainers who have taught me everything I know and most importantly Sharon. We've become very good friends & your camp is more than just a training camp. It's rehab for a lot of women and I for one know I would be lost without my headspace home.

Leanne Knowles -

Catherine Pierce Testimonial

And it's all over what an amazing week me and my Amy-Marie Bennett have had, so tough, so challenging, mentally and psychically, thought to my self last week the hell have I signed myself up for, how different do I feel now, met the most amazing inspirational women, from all different areas, specially our lovely American friend who has made us laugh the whole way through, had the best trainers who have pushed us to the max we have cried, laughed, emotions have been at a complete high and our lovely Mandy Smith-Aichen has been there the whole way for cuddles, but would never change this week one of the best weeks I have have ever had, learnt sooooo much and realised how much of a lazy unhealthy life style I have lead Gi Jane Bootcamp has done so much for my mind and how I feel inside, can not recommend them enough it's been a life changing well worth the money experience thank you so much from your favourite Essex girls.



Hi, my visit to bootcamp was brought about by my husband buying me a Groupon offer for my 40th birthday. I was fat and totally unfit. Athough I did some running, I was seriously unfit and needed a kick up the bum. I had signed up to do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and was terrified that I would let the rest of my walking group down. The weekend with you totally changed my life. I've 1.5 stone since being with you run a 5k in 32 mins and completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in 10 hours 58 mins, beating the 12 hour challenge time easily. I'm now doing another walking challenge for charity, doing the local Wolf Run in September, go to boxercise and sweat camp every week and feel amazing. My mental and emotional health are better than they have even in years which is the biggest bonus of all for me. The PTs showed me what I could achieve but my biggest thanks go to Mandy who not only gave very valuable nutritional advice but also provided a shoulder to cry on. I had piled on the weight due to personal issues and she helped me see that putting on the weight was simply making me feel worse. If I concentrated on eating healthily and set myself achievable weightloss goals, I would succeed and she is right. GI Jane Bootcamp changed my life completely and I'm delighted I went.

Shelley Lunn -

Anne InkyAnn Garnish

Hi GI Jane! Over a year since I did the brilliant boot camp in Kent with Wayne and Danny, I wanted to share this photo with you. The skills and confidence those two taught me mean I'm still pushing myself hard and enjoying the results for anyone who's not sure about whether to book, just do it. I promise it will change your attitude to life, and that's where all the other changes start.


Debbie Paul

Dear Bootcampers,
I just had to write and tell you that unbelievably since going on bootcamp my asthma that I have had all my life has appeared to have disappeared. I've had no attacks and I'm feeling incredible. I've just got back from a 3 mile runand haven't even had to touch my pump. I couldn't even run 100 yards without it prior to bootcamp. It is wonderful.


Jane Turkington

Dear G I Jane
I just wanted to write and say thank you. I had just the most amazing time on my second bootcamp. I lost 12lbs and 8 inches and I feel like a new woman. When I joined bootcamp I was feeling really low (having just come out of a long term relationship) my self esteem was rock bottom. I can't believe what a difference a week has made to me, not only losing the weight, but my whole outlook on life has changed and I feel so much more confident and happy in myself. Thank You Thank You Thank you so much.