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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Need help? Take a look at some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Location of camp?

All our UK bootcamps are held in Kent.

How do we get there / what time?

All meeting times and transport information will be given to you in your confirmation letter upon booking.

What time do we start on the first day and finish on the last day?

Training will start in the afternoon of the first day. You will need to spend the morning travelling to the venue so you will need to allocate the entire day. On return we will be organising a drop off at around 10am after your training session your weigh in and breakfast.

What do I need to bring with me?

An entire kit list will be supplied upon booking. Mobile phones are permitted. However, you will only be able to use them in your free time.

Can I swap to another boot camp if I want to?

We would need a written explanation of why you wish to change dates and only in extreme circumstances will we allow this.

What payment method do you use?

We ask for a 30% deposit upon booking to secure your place and the balance is to be paid 6 weeks before you go. Credit / debit cards, cheques and BACS payments are accepted.

What is your cancellations policy?

Should you wish to cancel, cancellation charges (see terms and conditions) will be imposed. However, we do appreciate that sometimes-unforeseen circumstances can arise and as long as we can fill your place then we will move your booking to the next mutually available date.

What equipment do you supply?

We will supply all exercise equipment that you will be using.

Can I do two weeks?

Yes you can do two weeks but please be aware this can be tough If you wish to stay for longer than two weeks you will need to phone the office on 07710 534014. GI Jane Boot Camp work on a lifestyle changing basis and hope that people can adapt exercises to their everyday routine to promote longevity in a healthy lifestyle. In some cases people benefit from a longer stay and can genuinely have a life changing experience.

Am I fit enough / too over weight?

We take all levels of fitness and weights. At GI Jane Boot Camp you will be working to your own full capacity as opposed to trying to keep up with the fittest or being slowed down by the weakest. (Please note you will be pushed to your limit).

What if I have a medical problem / allergies?

We ask that you get a letter signed by your doctor to say that he is happy for you to attend GI Jane Boot Camp and that you make us clearly aware when you fill out your medical form so that we can adapt the menu/program to adhere to your individual requirements.

If I am Type 1 Diabetic can I attend GI Jane Boot Camp?

It is recommended that carbohydrates are the majority source of dietary intake for a person with type I and type II diabetes. This is to maintain energy levels and help regulate insulin levels. The GI Jane Boot Camp diet has very little carbohydrate content. For a person with diabetes, this would mean that your blood sugar levels would constantly be lower than normal. Although physical activity is recommended to help control diabetes, it needs to be a controlled amount closely linked to the dietary intake. Aerobic exercise lowers blood sugar levels, and with resistance training, although an increase is seen to start with a dramatic drop can occur post exercise. The intense physical activity included in the GI Jane Boot Camp program could cause problems to those with diabetes. With the increase in activity compared to normal - more carbohydrates will be needed in the diet to regulate blood sugar levels. Therefore, there would be an increased risk of hypoglycemia. This would mean that a form of glucose would be needed on regular occasions to prevent this which is not available on the GI Jane Boot Camp eating plan.

We can adapt the diet if you are looking to come for fitness rather than weight loss but this would need to be discussed and agreed prior to your attendance. *(Read disclaimer)

Will I drop a dress size / what's your average weight loss?

Whilst you could drop a dress size, everyone's weight loss will depend on their height, weight, BMI and how physically active they already are. If you put in the effort while you are attending, you should see a significant loss in weight and inches.

Will there be nutrition advice at GI Jane Boot Camp?

Yes. They will be there to help educate you on healthy eating and the logic/science behind the GI Jane Boot Camp nutrition plan.

How do I book?

You can contact a member of the team at our head office who will be more than happy to take your booking over the phone on 07710 534014 or you can book online at

Is smoking allowed at GI Jane Boot Camp?

You will be able to have cigarettes outside in the designated smoking areas in your down time in the evenings.

Can I share with a stranger if I'm coming on my own?

The majority of our clients share rooms with clients they have not met before GI Jane Boot Camp , other clients share rooms with friends that are attending with them. Whilst others opt for a single room. It is entirely down to personal preference.

Is our fitness assessed when we arrive?

Your fitness will be assessed by our trainers at the beginning of GI Jane Boot Camp.

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