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About Us

Since G I Jane's very first camp in April 2009, we have had the unique privilege of helping thousands of women from across the world make positive changes and lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Women of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes achieve their goal of losing weight; and most importantly keeping it off! Our boot-campers leave us feeling fit, healthy, revitalised and rejuvenated. We do not believe in diets and do not claim to be a quick fix. For us it is about training your mind; as well as your body, so you can maintain a healthy life style when you leave camp.

G.I. Jane Bootcamp is not just about weight loss; our clients come to us for a number of different reasons and our aim is for you to leave us with renewed self-belief and the knowledge that anything is possible.

Mental health has affected so many of us especially during this covid pandemic and we believe healthy living, exercise, healthy nutrition and laughter is key to a healthy mind and healthy body.

Service 1 - GI Jane Bootcamp Ltd.
Service 1 - GI Jane Bootcamp Ltd.

We pride ourselves here at G I Jane in having the highest ratio of trainers to clients in the UK., we have a maximum of 16 ladies on each course and have 2 trainers. This ensures all our ladies get value for money and a great experience.

Our trainers are all military trained and we believe them to be some of the very best in the world. None of our trainers will disappoint you and are all excellent at educating, motivating and inspiring you to reach your goals and to carry on achieving once you have left camp.

We run camps in the U.K, Greece and Thailand. Many of our clients return time after time as they feel like they are coming home to a safe haven, where you can be who you truly are.

GI Jane really is an amazing family and we can not wait for you to come and join us.*(Read disclaimer)