Porridge with nuts and a selection of fresh and
dried berries 

Mid-morning snack

Yoghurt and fresh blueberries


Fresh tuna salad.

Mid-afternoon snack

Wholemeal bread and cottage cheese.


Chargrilled chicken with a selection of fresh vegetables and quinoa.


At GI Jane Bootcamp, we believe nutrition is just as important as exercise. Whatever exercise you currently do, if your diet is not balanced and healthy then you cannot out train a bad diet, Fact..!

We look at your whole lifestyle and understand that weight is the major issue with most women. As ladies we are the best organisers in the world, but when it comes to healthy eating, we struggle! So with this in mind, and also taking into account other factors that affect your weight, such as stress: sleep deprivation, too much sugar in your diet, digestive problems, portion control, a decrease in your metabolism (which can be by up to 30% due to years of ‘yo yo’ dieting) and other issues, we give you the tools to move forward. We will help you reset your metabolism, introduce our 21 day challenge and basically reeducate you. You will be encouraged to leave your ‘bad habits’ with us and embark on an exciting new chapter of your life!

On arrival, we remove CRAP from your diet, which we believe to be the main causes of weight gain!

C affiene
R efined carboydrates
A lchol
P rocessed foods and sugar

A healthy and balanced diet

At GI Jane Bootcamp you will be having 1200 calories a day, which will be a healthy and balanced diet, and include all food groups. Our meals are freshly prepared using the best ingredients available. You will be eating 5 times per day, which we will encourage you to continue to do once you leave us. Our nutrition plan is designed to keep you going and to get your body working at its optimum level. Whilst with us you will be burning between 3-4,000 calories per day, thus creating this deficit, you cannot fail to lose inches and weight!

Our nutritionist will give you a detailed nutritional motivational talk, and will be onsite to give you individual time to review your lifestyle and provide you with a plan for when you leave us. Our after care is second to none, and should you need further support; at any time after leaving us, we will always be there to help!

On departure you will be given recipes, menu plans, and much more. This is the kick start to a permanent lifestyle change, and we believe if you really want to change, then this will happen. Anything is possible, it’s all about self belief!

On booking bootcamp, you will be asked to complete a booking form, part of which will ask you if you have any special dietary needs or food allergies. We can cater for all dietary requirements and where necessary tailor dishes to your individual needs.